Nikki Thayer

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Case Study

Team Coco 25

How do you showcase 25 years of content in a way that’s meaningful for old audiences and new?

April—December, 2018 / Team Lead, PM, Designer / Mobile Web

Comp of the home page of the website


1. Maintain a comedy legacy for Conan O’Brien’s shows

2. Help Late Night With Conan O’Brien fans find old and obscure clips easily

3. Make smart recommendations to help fans sort through tens of thousands of clips.


Our product owner gave us a site map before we kicked off, which meant we were able to arrive at the first meeting with wireframes. After that, we worked on the brand in collaboration with Team Coco's in-house design team. “Silly in a suit” was the guiding principle.

We conducted user interviews of long time fans and more recent fans. We learned that fans who were around during the Late Night with Conan O'Brien's pre-internet heyday wanted to find obscure and barely remembered clips ("Didn't they do a show with an audience of all children one time?"). Fuzzy search was key. Newer fans were more likely to search for sements (ie "Travel episode") or for specific guests.

Next, we fleshed out the information architecture of the site, matching viewer expectations to the GraphQL output and tested it across devices.

Team Coco video player page - where the magic happens

What happened?

Team Coco wasn't able to launch every feature, but they realized they could answer fan demand with just curated clips. Thus, Conan Classic was born.

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